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    Presenting the Podengo Tail


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    Presenting the Podengo Tail Empty Presenting the Podengo Tail

    Post  Admin on Sat Oct 31, 2009 10:22 am

    In shows it has been relatively common to hold the tail up when stacked and for pictures. This appears to be NOT what is done with similar sighthounds (Ibizan, Pharoh).

    Here is what the FCI standard (all sizes) AND the submitted draft of the APPMGC (Medio&Grande)and the APPPC (pequeno)standard says:

    TAIL : Natural, set on rather higher than low; strong, thick and thinning to the tip, of medium length; at rest falls slightly curved between the buttocks down to the hocks, in action it rises horizontally either slightly curved or vertically in sickle shape, but never curled; fringed on the under side.

    English Standard :Tail

    Medium length, high set. Thick at the base tapering to a fine point. Curved over the back when moving. Never curled.

    Miguel Sabino of Portugal offered this information: I would add to this that not only presents a better picture but also presents the correct picture from what a podengo should look like. Just read the standard and look at the Podengo club logo, all the varieties are presented with the tail up. The Podengo tail up its very important to define the breed, this is one of the points that allow you to identify a Podengo as beeing a Portuguese and not any other tipe of Podenco.

    Mine stand naturally typically when the tail at rest as the standard indicates - unless they decide to hold their tail up cause they can but I have for the stack held up the tail as well as for pictures - as does most everyone else.

    Anyone have any thoughts or preferences? Seems kind of odd that we say where it should be at rest and then put it somewhere else for a stand or that we would decide what to do based on a drawn logo? I don't care which we do but some folks have asked What to do so - asking for your opinions.

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