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    Sight and Scent Magazine August Feature - the Podengo and Podengo Pequeno


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    Sight and Scent Magazine August Feature - the Podengo and Podengo Pequeno

    Post  Admin on Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:21 pm

    I hope you will join us in celebrating our first official Podengo (all sizes) issue for the August Sight & Scent issue. We are offering some terrific specials this month. Two page color spreads are discounted from $750 to $650 for this issue only. A single color page is discounted from $375 to $350. B/w pages are normally $150 discounted to $140. Half page color ads are $200 and half page b/w ads are $80. All of the above include one photo per page. Additional photos are $50. Logos are free. Please contact me to hold your spot now. The inside back and back covers are available for this issue. All advertisers will receive a free copy of this issue.

    Ads are due in by July 15. You can email high resolution copies of your photos, or snail mail them, allowing three days for overnight delivery (we’re outside of a metropolitan area, there is no such thing as overnight here, through the US Postal System). Simply type up your text and email it to me, along with the type of ad you want to place. Our designers will design a creative ad for you to approve or make changes to, before we go to print.

    This issue will be bursting with articles from various sources on the breed. If you have a candid shot or portrait you’d like to share, please email that to me as well. I’m happy to include them as space permits.

    Happy Hounding,

    Tammarie Larson

    Sight & Scent-The Magazine of the Hound Group

    Managing Editor


    I'm sure that contacting the Editor you will be able to purchase a magazine - I think it will be a must have.

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    Sight and Scent response

    Post  dmcarty on Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:27 pm

    What great response for the magazine - there are a variety of articles and lots of ads with photos, from all over the country. They tell me that this may be the biggest response by a breed that they have had. Don't miss the August issue. If you placed an ad - you will get one automatically. Otherwise they are available at dog shows or you can contact them directly at:
    Great job everyone - whatever size/club you represent - it was great to see everyone working together for a common goal.

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