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    we meet a new Podengo Pequeno puppy

    james ensor
    james ensor

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    we meet a new Podengo Pequeno puppy Empty we meet a new Podengo Pequeno puppy

    Post  james ensor on Mon Mar 26, 2018 6:54 am

    Podengo Pequenos are quite rare in the Cape Verde islands. The very first dog that we met Vlekkie was a long=haired Podengo Pequeno. He belonged to South Africans who managed the station for the airline whilst it was banned from laning anywhere in Africa, Vlekkie used to join us running up and down the sidewalk whilst we swam.

    The South Africans shopped in Johannesbrug, flying via Atlanta GA. They would abandon their pet, calling him a bush dog. During one of these trips he was poisoned in their front yard, with strychnine by the savage who pretends to manage the Condo.

    The pequeno puppy belongs to a local woman, who takes him on walks. He is a short haired pequeno who wears a muzzle. Evidently he has already been brutally treated by Cape Verdeans so he circles them barking vociferously when off the leash. He looks like a miniature version of Maria our Podengo Medio with the white feet. pale apron strings and curly tail.

    When Maria saw him she rushed 100 yards to greet him; it is quite rare for her to meet another podengo on the island: she prefers them above all other dogs. We tried to meet him too, but the owner was dragging him along by his leash. He kept looking back and mewing. But she was an oblivious zombie, engrossed in her cell-phone, Such is the life of a puppy in the Cape Verdes.

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