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    Podengo Pequeno wins class at Crufts

    james ensor
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    Podengo Pequeno wins class at Crufts Empty Podengo Pequeno wins class at Crufts

    Post  james ensor on Mon Mar 14, 2016 2:09 am

    For the first time ever a Podengo Pequeno has won its class at Crufts. The show started by a dog food salesman in 1886 is now held annually in Birmingham, England. It has become the world`s biggest by number of entrants with dogs coming from all over North America and Europe. Now that British regulations on quarantine have been eased many more dogs come from overseas.

    The Podengo was beaten in the Hound Group, which was a second stage competition. The winner of this a white whippet, went on to become Second in Show, another first for this close relative to the Podengo. The outright winner was a white Westmoreland terrier from Scotland. The television commentator explained the background of the Pequeno but obviously did not know that there is more than one type of Podengo. Still the breed is getting good publicity. Maria always excites interest in London, because of her funny ears, and friendly approach to people: though she is not to other dogs. She is very loyal to her mate/brother Brando a Labradengo, who now runs just as fast as her. So she barks at other male dogs to stay away.

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