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    Maria watches an English fox hunt.

    james ensor
    james ensor

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    Maria watches an English fox hunt. Empty Maria watches an English fox hunt.

    Post  james ensor on Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:43 am

    We were watching "To the Manor Boarn" a comedy about an upper-middle class english lady who lives in a manor house, when it showed a fox hunt. The men and women were dressed in red, on horseback, and there were over 50 hounds as well as a fleeing fox. Maria who normally ignores television even Cesar Milan and his dogs, showed a keen interest. She clearly recognised the hunting yelp of the hounds, as a formidable huntress herself.

    Fox hunting has been banned with more than two dogs since Tony Blair allowed a free vote in parliament. David Cameron whose Oxfordshire constituency includes a famous hunt wants to allow it again. In a peculiar English way hunting still persists, but I am not sure whether they chase foxes or not. Most foxes have moved to cities where they eat the grey squirrels, introduced two centuries ago from the US, which have driven the more attractive native red squirrel to the fringes of the island.

    The other occasion in which Maria and Brando both reacted to the TV was during a film about General Patton and his English bulldog William the Conqueror. William had an army corporal permanently in attendance. A journalist famously remarked that he entered a room to be glared at by the meanest four eyes he had ever seen. At the end of the film when the actor and the dog depart into the sunset, the dog emits an unusual whelp. Brando and Maria recognising a cry for help, rushed into the tv room to see that I was OK.

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