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    Maria kow-tows to Pie

    james ensor

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    Maria kow-tows to Pie

    Post  james ensor on Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:52 am

    Pie is a female collie about the same age as Maria who is a smooth-haired Podengo Medio. When we fly short distances - the most recent trip was to Riga - Maria stays with Pie.

    The first thing that she does is to run in front of her. Then she lies on the ground and puts her head flat on the grass. She then turns her head sideways and looks up at Pie, staying there for several seconds. She will repeat this performance several times.

    Eventually she will lick Pie on the snout, which is what she does to people that she likes, too. After this she will place her snout between Pie`s teeth in her open jaw as they stand face-to-face.

    Janet, Pie`s owner did not much like Maria at first: she was very noisy. But she took her cycling, running alongside with her leash around the handlebars. Now she sounds quite touched when I ask her how Pie and Maria are getting on.

    For a Podengo that normally gives either one two or three barks, whenever a strange dogs runs across a park to introduce himself, this is quite remarkable, I think.

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