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    Is the Podengo Medio correctly classed as a sight hound?


    james ensor

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    Is the Podengo Medio correctly classed as a sight hound?

    Post  james ensor on Thu Jan 30, 2014 4:39 am

    Initially I was very much impressed by the Podengo`s sense of smell. They can pick up distinctive smells that they dislike on humans up to 100m (110 yards) away upwind in a fair breeze.  This can include things like Marijuana and Hashish, which can be awkward in cities like Rotterdam, Holland where the drugs are rife.  

    Then I noted the incredible hearing ability. Maria is able to jump into the middle of a large, flat bush, where a lizard is hiding. She certainly cannot see it and as it is protected by a lot of vegetation I imagine that the smell is diffused.

    But now I have noted an incredible ability - at least in good light - to pick out small squirrels on the branch of a tree at a good 50m (55 yards away) . In this she appears to exceed human capabilities. But perhaps she is just more motivated.  

    I have always been a little dubious about the sight hound description, as Maria tends initially to sniff for traces of track on the ground like a bloodhound. But now I realise that she has superior sight also. Some Kennel clubs around the world seem to class Podengo Medios as sight hounds like the greyhound and some class them as primitive or Spitz (I do not know what that means).  What do other owners think is most appropriate?


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    Re: Is the Podengo Medio correctly classed as a sight hound?

    Post  Admin on Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:03 pm

    We have to play within the rules we have - I would have been happier with a primitive designation but AKC does not have that - so hound it was. In Portugal they are considered 'triple threat dogs" using all of their senses in an efficient manner.

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