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    Washington Classic - UKC Results


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    Washington Classic - UKC Results

    Post  Falcao on Sun Jul 11, 2010 12:47 pm

    I went out to Northern CA to visit with my friends Heinz and Joanne from Heimat world.
    So we decided to take in the UKC Washington Classic near Auburn Washington. Not to far from Mt. Ranier.

    Day 1 started off with rain but cleared in the afternoon when we finally got into the ring.

    Houla's give me a break - puppy winner - best male (30 pts - 1 comp win)
    Gruhmel - Junior winner - best male - 3rd comp win (95 pts).
    Heimat's Kontessa - bred by winner - best female 2x - best of winners 2x (70 pts)
    Ch. Falcao's wild thang - 2x champion class winner (has 3 comp wins towards grand)
    Ch. Hanna casa da heimat - 2x reserve champion class
    Ch. Darkle sans Souci - 2x 3rd champion class
    GrCh. Falcao's wannabe astar - 2x gr. ch class winner - 2x Best of Breed and 2x Group 2 (+12 top 10 points)

    Day 2:
    Started off cold from an overnight rain and clouds. Then by afternoon the sun came out and warmed up to about 66.

    Gimme - 1st puppy 2x
    Gruhmel - 2x Junior winner, best male - Show 1 - Best of Breed - Group 1 (New UKC champion)
    Kontessa - 2x Breeder / handler - best female (New UKC Champion) (6pts top 10)
    Falcao's wild thang - Champion winner (4th comp win towards grand)
    Hanna casa da heimat - Champion winner - best of breed - group 1 (6 pts top 10)
    Falcao's Wannabe aStar - Gran Champion winner 2x
    Darkle sans souci - champion 3rd place

    Day 3:
    I was able to see Mount Ranier last night since it was so clear and nice. Not so this morning at the show grounds. It was chilly with temps. of 53 and overcast.

    show 1
    Gimmy - 1st puppy-best dog- best of winners
    Gruhmel and Kontessa were moved up to the champion class so there were 5 in the class today.

    Kontessa won the champion class, Best of breed - Group 1 (6 top 10 pts)
    Star won the Grand class

    Show 2
    Bunny won champion class (5th comp win - new Grand Champion)
    Star won Grand - Best of Breed - Group 1 (5 top 10 pts)

    The club moved our group up so we went in first in both shows so we were able to leave the grounds and start heading home by 11am PST.

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    Washington Classic

    Post  Heimat on Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:42 pm

    [b]Great show! Excellent competition. "Star" is a real "Grand Champion STAR". Looking forward to seeing her in AKC Misc Classes in 2011.

    We Enjoyed presenting our second and third generation Pequenos, Hanna and her daughter Kontessa. Kontessa is now a UKC champion..receiving 1st place in her all classes, Winning Female and competed in Group 1.

    Joanne bounce

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    Post  Admin on Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:13 pm

    How exciting to have the opportunity to show so many pequenos' in one place.

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    Re: Washington Classic - UKC Results

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