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    Testing being offered at AKC shows



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    Testing being offered at AKC shows

    Post  Heimat on Sun Sep 06, 2009 10:27 am

    I'd share this information. There's a new service called BVS, Breeder's Vererinary Service offering by Canine Health Information Center (CHIc) and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) available at select venues throughout the United States. The service is provided by the organization BVS, Breeder's Veterinary Service - showdogmed.com.

    They offer certification at dog shows xraying for hip and elbow dysplasia, transcervical AI (TCI) thyroid, cardiac, patella, legg perthes, DNA testing, large variety of lab work, reproductive consultation, semen analysis, semen freezing and storage etc. They have an elaborate set up in a large trailer..certified vet and staff on duty. There's no sedation and the service takes you about 15 minutes from x-ray to directly submitting digital photos to the OFA.

    The fee for the service is much cheaper than taking them to a vet's office or specialist. Normally, we've paid about $350- $450 per dog to complete testing, so this is quite a savings and you don't have to travel a long distance and wait to have your dog sedated. I've become very concerned about putting dogs under sedatives.

    A German shepherd dog friend lost their very promising winning dog, while he was being x-rayed with sedatives. They had brought their dog to a very well known specialist. When the specialist completed the x-rays, he came out to the waiting room tell the family, "This dog will get OFA Excellent on his hips and elbows..his spine is absolutel perfect"...The assistant came to get the vet
    He hurried back to the examining room, but it was too late..Despite the numerous attempts to revive the dog, he died. Needless to say, the family was devistated - they lost their wonderful pet, but a great loss to the breed. So....take heed: even the experts make mistakes.

    Check out the website SHOWDOGMED.COM
    See if the Breeder's Veterinary Services are going to be at an AKC show in your area.

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