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    Christian behaves just like Maria our Podengo Medio

    james ensor

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    Christian behaves just like Maria our Podengo Medio

    Post  james ensor on Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:03 pm

    When we first met Maria on the Portuguese-speaking islands of the Cape Verdes,  she was very fond of European and American women.  She used to run flat out in a tight circle at up to 25 mph.   When she arrived in front of a white woman, she would stop dead. Then she would leap up about four foot and try to lick whichever part of the woman in front of her that she could reach.

    Some of the women that she chose were touched.  That was how we decided to rescue her.  Others were not. Today, she will still leave the sofa or bed on which she has been reclining, rush to the door after a short absence and jump up us with some force. For those that she really loves, she will sit upright on the sofa and wash their face. She darts in so quickly that few can prevent it.

    I had no idea that other animals do the same thing to human that they like.  So here is a heart-warming clip from the internet.  Christian was bought from the animal department of the London department store Harrods. He was about three months old and had been born at a zoo in Devon, England.  He was bought by an Australian couple a who lived above a shop, which they managed in London`s King`s Road.  Christian found a new home in the basement, below the shop.  He went for runs in a nearby churchyard,

    As he grew, the Australians decided to re-home him in Kenya.  This clip dhows their first visit to see him and his new family, about a year later.


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