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    Thai savage cuts off Podengo` s leg with machete

    james ensor
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    Thai savage cuts off Podengo` s leg with machete Empty Thai savage cuts off Podengo` s leg with machete

    Post  james ensor on Mon Sep 17, 2018 1:44 pm

    Daphne , a Podengo Medio found abandoned in Thailand, has been rescued by an Anglo-Thai couple and taken to a skilled surgeon, Dr Noel Fitzpatrick, an Irishman. Noel has attained boarded specialist status by examination in both the USA and the UK, with the degrees of ACVSMR, American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, and DSAS(Orth), the Diploma in Small Animal Surgery (Orthopaedics).

    In 2005 he opened Fitzpatrick Referrals, the UK’s pre-eminent and largest dedicated small animal orthopaedic and neuro-surgical facility in Surrey, employing over 250 veterinary professionals and comprising state of the art surgical, diagnostic and rehabilitation facilities.

    The female dog was found abandoned on a tourist beach.  One front leg had been severed with a machete.  The other front leg had lesser damage, mainly to the toes - some of which were missing. There was little bone left between the ankle and the toes. Dogs rarely survive if they lose the use of two legs,

    The owners had no idea whatsoever of the breed of dog.  BVut to anyone who knows Podengos, she is unquestionably a short-haired fawn Podengo Medio,   The face, the expressions,   the ruff of hair close to the neck, the lighter-colored apron strings, are all there.

    Noel spent five and a half hours to take some bone from the pelvis and with steel inserts managed to create new toes for her left fore paw. As he said, this was like creating a new hand for a person.  Noel works at a clinic in Surrey, England, which was the subject of a documentary film called the Supervet on Britain`s Channel 4 TV station.  If it ever gets broadcast in the States make sure to watch it.

    The leg became infected and it took more than two months to cure this and ensure that Daphne would be able to walk on three legs.

    The clinic deals with 200 pets a month, including cats, rabbits and dogs. Daphne`s new paw looks perfect and she can run on her three legs. It is a happy ending.

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