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    The importance of breeding and training

    james ensor
    james ensor

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    The importance of breeding and training

    Post  james ensor on Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:19 am

    I know that Admin breeds  Pequenos in the US.  There is a breeder of Medios in the UK as one recently won the Primitive class at Cruft`s  - the Birmingham, England dog show.  But the vast majority of Podengo/Podencos in the Latin world and particularly in the former Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the tropics, breed at random  in the open air. I have observed that females do choose their mates. Maria our Medio chose Brando our Labrador-Podengo cross to mate with. As he had been castrated there were no puppies. Podengos seem to be monogamous since Maria wards off any females with one to three barks - and a show of teeth. Both dogs have received training in Portugal, the Cape Verdes and England to eradicate habits acquired during their first months of life , before we met.

    The importance of this has been forcefully brought home to me by Barbie a Malinois or Belgian shepherd. She arrived at our door  before Christmas when we were having a fish barbecue - hence her name.  Tony an American from New Bedford, Mass has been breeding and training them on the island, where we migrate for winter,  He wears a tee-shirt emblazoned NAVY.  I have suggested he swaps this for Airforce  The USAF is setting up a base on Fogo, a nearby island, whilst the RAF will come to ours.  Cape Verde will join NATO.

    Tony`s dogs have been very popular.  Most people here want a dog as a guard. An American pit -bull soon reduced the regular night break-ins at a French restaurant to nil.  Barbie, it seems was used to guard horses.  These are tethered on open ground and subject to theft.  Barbie`s job was to circle night intruders barking and if that did not work biting.  Her toilet habits are entirely nocturnal. By day she is happy in  a travel crate.

    Barbie was not bred or trained by Tony,  She is the offspring of two siblings that he did breed,  As a result, she is inbred and very small just 13kg or 20lbs.   She has had no obedience training and has never been on a leash.  When put on a leash, she quickly chewed through it.  In trying to stop her, I was nipped on the wrist and bled.

    Barbie`s nocturnal combat has made her dangerous as a pet. She has had a rear leg broken by a stick.   It has set badly but she still runs as fast as a Podengo Medio and plays happily with Maria. She circles threateningly anyone with a stick or who picks up a rock to throw at her. Maria, if off the leash will join in - but at a greater distance. Until now she has never threatened anyone.   Podengos,  have a very different nature from Shepherds.

    The english lady,  caring for her during her winter vacation, received a number of love bites.   One of these was to her knee which had a sports injury - she was in the British team for 800 metres.  So to protect herself, whilst washing up she wielded a plate.  Quick as a flash Barbie gave her a real bite on the backside.

    Barbie is variously estimated to be 6-12 months old and has already had two owners, before being dumped near our home. She will go to Tony for training and to the German vets, who visit annually for neutering.  Any advice will be gratefully received.

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