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    Is Gobi the marathon dog partly Podengo Pequeno?

    james ensor

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    Is Gobi the marathon dog partly Podengo Pequeno?

    Post  james ensor on Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:40 am

    Dion is an Australian living in Scotland. His hobby is running marathons. He runs some of the world`s toughest including one through the Tien Shan mountains and the Gobi desert.  Runners have to carry all their food for a week and a pup tent and bedding to sleep in.

    At the start, there was a semi-wild dog.  For a couple of days it ran alongside some American runners. Then it came to sleep in Doin`s tent. The runners shared their rations and the organisers provided water.  At one point, the runners had to ford a river. The dog now named Gobi stood whimpering on the bank. So Dion went back to collect her.

    Dion won a stage, of the marathon, which was repeated every day and Gobi was awarded second prize.  Some times she would trot out ahead of him for 50 to 100 yards and wait for him to catch up. By the end of the week he and his wife had decided to adopt her.  

    She was left in Urumchi to complete Europe`s rabies tests and became lost.  He went back and had hundreds of leaflets circulated in Urumchi a city of 3 million.  At last she was found and was overjoyed at the reunion. She is now in Edinburgh and there are plans for a Hollywood film.  The producers will need 20 small furry dogs to play her part.

    Gobi has long matted hair and a long body. She has a furry curled up tail. She has pointed upright ears.  She is an endurance trotter par excellence. She is loyal and affectionate. These are all characteristics of the Podengo Pequeno and not widely found in small dogs.  

    Could she be part podengo. Judge for yourself on this link. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3703824/story-of-adorable-dog-who-was-rescued-by-ultra-runner-in-the-desert-and-brought-home-to-britain-will-be-made-into-hollywood-movie/

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