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    Are Podengo hunting skills inbred over centuries?

    james ensor

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    Are Podengo hunting skills inbred over centuries?

    Post  james ensor on Tue Oct 24, 2017 9:40 am

    There are no hedges in the Cape Verde islands. Nor is there any long grass - in fact there is very little grass at all. And there are few trees other than slender palms, which have been planted near homes. Come to that there is nothing to hunt larger than a lizard or at some times of year a turtle hatchling.

    Yet Maria who was born in the Cape Verdes but now lives most of the year in London, has all the hunting skills. She will chase rabbits or urban foxes, even occasionally a cat. But the most common lure is the American grey squirrel which has displaced the native red squirrel in mainland England, since a pair crossed the Atlantic in the 19th century.

    Recently Maria reversed into a thick hedge, so that only her snout poked out to monitor squirrels gathering acorns. Unfortunately a passing dog - not a hunting breed - came past revealing her lair. Maria ran out furiously chasing the dog away and scaring the owner.

    She is endlessly patient when stalking and will use trees to conceal her approach. In Portugal where the grass is left uncut in summer, she hid for an hour in case a cat which fled chose to return by the same track.

    If she chases a squirrel, she will run flat out and jump 7ft (2 metres) up a tree trunk, skilfully avoiding impact. If she chase a cat that jumps onto a roof, Maria will follow only feet behind the cat`s tail. Fortunately she has never caught anything larger than a field mouse. But her chases are accompanied by the most ear-splitting yelps. She makes this noise even when restrained on a leash.

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