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    Podengos with cats.

    james ensor

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    Podengos with cats.

    Post  james ensor on Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:42 am

    Bianca is a Labradengo from the Cape Verde islands. She looks like a Labrador puppy, but is now two. Her behavior is entirely Podengo.

    She was traumatised as a puppy by having a string around her neck and being tied up behind closed doors on her own. Maria a full Podengo Medio will chase cats. When they jump onto a roof, she follows. But we know a Podengo called Poupee who lives with two cats in Cape Verdes, who once jumped off a wall in front of Maria. She was not amused. So we hoped that Podengos can become friendly with resident cats.

    Here is the new owners` report about relations with her two cats Jazz and Amber and their reception of Bianca, when she went to live in Wales in their house.  

    Bianca and Jazz have formed an interesting relationship in which they seem to be determined to stare each other out! Jazz is quite brazen and will approach quite close to Bianca and then plonk herself down in front of her.

    Bianca is very reserved and unsure about Jazz but she seems to appreciate that this loud, crazy cat is part of her new household and so hasn't chased or barked at her yet. Amber meanwhile, after exiting the house entirely for about a week or so in a bit of a sniff, has finally resigned herself to the fact that the white, yappy creature in her house is not leaving anytime soon, and so has gradually settled back into her routine of dominating the upstairs of the house. So there is a settled peace of a sort building between them all, which is a great relief.

    We are currently watching a dog training series on BBC which features Pedro, a Labradenco from Spain who looks so much like Bianca in size and stature, bar some of the facial markings. It is interesting as they talk about their intelligence and determination ... and he also has a  separation syndrome.

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