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    Maria meets four rescued Podencos

    james ensor

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    Maria meets four rescued Podencos

    Post  james ensor on Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:13 am

    We were at the yacht club yesterday when I was approached by four small dogs being held on a leash by a single woman. All had fawn coloring and I soon recognized one as a Podengo Medio. So it was no surprise that the small woman could not hold them back.

    The object of their interest was not me but Maria. She is a Podengo Medio. They clearly recognized her as a fellow Podengo and wanted to make her acquaintance. Unfortunately Maria is not very positive about such mass approaches and nor was the dog`s owner, who eventually managed to stop them, short.

    The owner had no idea what breed or mix the dogs are. But she had rescued them from the Dominican Republic, which provides a clue that at least one was a full blown Podenco. She had the ears, the pink snout, the curly tail and the white feet typical of a smooth-haired Podenco. But she lacked the apron string lighter coloring that Maria has behind her neck.

    One of the others could be a Podenco Pequeno as it was the right size and looked very similar, but I do not know them well enough to be sure. The other two had different faces and were cross-bred, with some Podenco characteristics. The owner said that all dogs in the Dominican Republic look like them.

    Many dogs from Spain and its former colonies are now being rescued to England. Some of them are Podencos - often Medios - so the class is becoming better known.

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