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    Maria takes Bianca hunting

    james ensor

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    Maria takes Bianca hunting

    Post  james ensor on Sun Jun 18, 2017 1:00 am

    We took Maria our Podengo Medio and Bianca our 25lb Labradengo out to some open pastureland in Surrey, a county south-west of London. They ran off together through fields and woodlands. Bianca though looking like a diminutive Labrador can actually run faster than Maria and jumps just as well. She has a similar hunting instinct. But perhaps she lacks just a little of the Podengo`s intense focus on finding prey.

    In this case it was rabbits. These open pastures with brambles are the home to many warrens. Except that since the rabbit-killing disease myxamatosis was introduced to England, decimating the resident population, they no longer use burrows. They live entirely above ground, where the disease cannot spread to epidemic proportions. Usually they occupy thick hedgerows of blackberry bramble, which foxes find hard to penetrate.

    After about twenty minutes, both dogs returned, looking very happy but I am pleased to report without any prey. They do not like each other because Maria is jealous of the young, pretty female`s interest in Brando. But when it comes to the hunt, they collaborate.

    As Portugal like the Cape Verde islands has both Labradors and Podengos, many Labradengos must have been born. Dogs often seem to breed on farms and on city streets with whatever male comes along first. However, due to the slightly diminished hunting skills, Labradengo puppies in Portugal where presumably discarded, for few are to be seen. Not so in the Cape Verdes, where there are no rabbits and the Labradengo type has become the predominant dog.

    Sooty, an elegant black Podengo type with a tuxedo coat and now just three legs gave 9 puppies to Bianca, before anyone thought to take her for the free operation. Most are Labradengos in black or white colors.

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