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    Should somebody start to breed Labradengos?

    james ensor

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    Should somebody start to breed Labradengos?

    Post  james ensor on Thu Dec 22, 2016 2:36 am

    When people meet Brando, they sometimes ask why we do not breed from him. The simple answer is that he has been castrated, in a fairly futile attempt to constrain the exploding dog population of the Cape Verde islands. Nothing similar has been done to the humans, who are just as fecund . Zulu a black Podengo lookalike, whom we rescued from a German with a carving knife,  has just produced 11 puppies, Goldie a fluffy white Labradengo just a year old produced nine.

    In both North America and the UK, the Labrador is easily the most popular dog. The Labradengo is much smaller, having shrunk over many decades where food was scarce.The typical size is 25-30 pounds so they look like a Labrador puppy. Brando caught turtle eggs, lizards and tiny crabs.  But mostly he must have eaten out of dumpsters (dustbins in England) as he hates the men who collect them, as well as anyone with a truck or trolley. He collaborated with two other dogs, both poisoned, to knock them over and eat the contents, thus arousing the vicious enmity of the operator.

    Labradengos have all of the gentleness and loyalty of the Labrador. They like water and have webbed feet. We have a video clip of Brando in Portugal being tugged by his lead by a full sized Labrador into the sea. Every time a wave comes, Brando tries to turn back. But the Labrador pulls him back again obviously feeling that any Labrador must be taught to like water.

    Goldie loves water and rushes into the warm sea to frolic. She jumps up on all four legs like a Springer spaniel, over small waves. From the Podengo side she has an amazing turn of speed. She can spin round on a dime (sixpence) and weaves and dodges like a true Podengo. Brando can now run just as fast as Maria who is a fully fledged Podengo. Goldie is possibly even faster. She has a curly tail, often carried like a scorpion, but it has the power to knock items off low tables, of the Labrador.

    The Labradengo is an excellent guard dog, lacking only a little of the remarkable hearing and sniffing of the full Podengo, They have the same affectionate nature as their two parent breeds and are only a little less skilled as hunters or retrievers. Goldie has learned from Brando to dig for crabs in the sand.

    I believe that Admin is a breeder of Podengo Pequenos of a pure strain.  What do you think?


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    Re: Should somebody start to breed Labradengos?

    Post  Admin on Mon Dec 26, 2016 12:15 pm

    I personally am not a fan of breeding the Podengo with any other breed.

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