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    Boyar and Bianca meet us again with huge affection

    james ensor
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    Boyar and Bianca meet us again with huge affection Empty Boyar and Bianca meet us again with huge affection

    Post  james ensor on Thu Dec 08, 2016 11:08 am

    A Podengo Medio came sprinting along the promenade by the small circular bay in our Condo, in Cape Verde. He was being pursued by a Cape Verdean woman, who seemed to be in a great panic.  I feel sure that she thought he was going to bite us. As the dog , which turned out to be our friend, from April, Boyar was galloping at the speed of Usain Bolt, the Cape Verdean was not making much ground on him. He was absolutely overjoyed to see us again.

    In April, he had been rescued by a Spaniard, who was letting him roam around the grounds of the complex, as they do with Podencos in Spain. Often he would take walks with us and once he came to the bar and jumped up on the seat beside me. Dogs have recently been banned from the bar and pretty soon, the barman with the snake eyes, cam over scowling. I assured him that Boyar could not read the "no dogs or Chinese" signs and that he was not my dog, although he did like me.

    At this point, "Snake Eyes" fetched a piece of string and tied him up outside the bar. Bianca, a white Labradengo, probably Boyar`s sister from the same litter, had earlier had a string tied around her neck.  She had bitten through it, but each day as she grew, it became tighter around her neck. We spent 18 days attempting to remove it and a German woman spent another 14.  But she has all the intelligence, speed and agility of a Podengo, in the body of a Labrador puppy, and she was scared.    

    Eventually the wife of the man who built the Condo had two dog-catchers with nets, flown in from one of the other islands, They managed to free Bianca from the throttle, but nut before she had produced nine puppies, one of which died.  We have seen only one, a white Labradengo, like her but some of the others were black or black and tan.  Amazingly all have found homes, either taken and sold for $6 or given away. Bianca, herself was overjoyed to see us and we have managed to send he blood to be tested in England.  She will eventually go to a new home in Wales, with a couple who had come out to look for her.  They failed to find her as she was being housed in a disused medical centre.  But when the wife of the builder of the complex asked where was our third dog ( we had brought Brando and Maria home for a trip) we realised that she must mean Bianca.

    Sooty is the probable father, as so many of the puppies are black or black and tn like his father.  Unfortunately a vicious dog owned, but not looked after by an Italian, has attacked and tried to kill Sooty, at dawn one day.  Sooty fled from the protection of a German who was feeding him and called him Blackman. He went to live along the beach with local fishermen.  We did not recognise hi, from the healthy dog of April. His ribs show and one front leg dangled ominously.

    Magda from Hamburg who was here doing the annual German-sponsored neutering of dogs and cats, had to amputate. So now we are nursing a three legged black Podengo and looking for a loving owner to care for him. He had no chance in life as snake eyes probablly beat him as a starving puppy, when he came to the bar, as all dogs do here since it is the only source of fresh water.  He was limping and would not let us closer tah 25 yards (22 metres).  We had brought this down to 5 in April and he joined us on walks.  But then disaster struck.  Most dogs lie with legs outstreched on roadways and some of the local taxi drivers try deliberately to run them over.

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