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    Toffee at 16 still hunts every day

    james ensor
    james ensor

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    Toffee at 16 still hunts every day Empty Toffee at 16 still hunts every day

    Post  james ensor on Sat Jul 23, 2016 2:13 am

    Toffee lives near open fields at Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England. She was rescued by the Dog`s Trust an English dog`s charity with links to Spain. Her owner took her on at six months and she is now sixteen, but still looks well and fit. Her owner had no idea what type of dog she had chosen and Dog`s trust did not tell her. So we brought Maria to see her. There was instant recognition all round. Maria who normally barks at other females was inquisitive and friendly. We think that Maria regards Brando as her husband, although we believe that they may actually be brother and sister, and keeps other females at bay.

    Toffee was obviously a dog that needs a lot of exercise. So her owner let her roam the open fields and woods. To this day Toffee sets out for 4 to 5 hours of hunting. Every day she returns with at least one rabbit. This is how Podengo Medios - Toffee is a small one like Kanga who cleared all the rats in Lisbon Camping - live in Portugal. But few owners would give them this freedom in a more developed country.

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