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    Maria meets Basil, a Podenco Pequeno rescued from Spain

    james ensor
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    Maria meets Basil, a  Podenco Pequeno rescued from Spain Empty Maria meets Basil, a Podenco Pequeno rescued from Spain

    Post  james ensor on Sun Jun 12, 2016 9:50 am

    Maria is usually hostile to other dogs that approach her. Sometimes a dog runs right across a park to greet her. Maria utters a single warning bark: the disappointed dog turns tail and runs all the way back across the park again. But with Basil it was quite different. There was instant recognition on both sides and some signs of affection.  Basil is a year old and was brought to the Uk by a rescue organisation which specializes in Podencos from Spain.  He was living in Andalucia, born at home but unwanted.

    His owners were expecting a Medio, but he is clearly a long-haired Pequeno, now just a year old. Maria who is now four and he touched noses and seemed to like each other a lot.  Then he dashed off after a possible grey squirrel. This is Maria`s favorite sport too.,  

    We then met another Pequeno in the street. The owner thought that he was some sort of Corgi cross but he had every Pequeno feature from the white socks, curly tail, long body with an apron string  stripe: only the pink nose was missing. It would appear that  trickle of Podgenos are being rescued from Spain and Portugal and then given to owners with some fanciful  cross-breed suggestion.

    Maria knew better although she did not like him as much as Basil.

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