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    A dog`s life in Cape Verde

    james ensor
    james ensor

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    A dog`s life in Cape Verde Empty A dog`s life in Cape Verde

    Post  james ensor on Wed May 25, 2016 4:48 am

    It began badly. As they built the dive center, a pregnant bitch decided to give birth in its protection. The builders drowned all her puppies. A few days later she died of a broken heart.  They killed Vlekkie and Robbie, both Podengos by throwing strychhnine-laced meat into a private garden. They killed two of Brando`s friends, with whom he would knock over dustbins and bay at the moon. Brando survived only because we were able to take him in.  Twice more a  Mafia-type tried to kill Brando, Jet (in the Avatar) and Nikki with strychnine laid at night on our doorstep and in the back of a pick-up.  Now one of his sisters has arrived with a string taut around her neck. We tried for 18 days to get her close enough to remove it but she was too scared and too fast, just as Brando had been until he trusted us.

    Goldie as she is called is a Labradengo like Brando,- looks like a small Lab but has the spirit, speed and agility of a Podengo Medio. She plays with Bella, who has an owner that ignores her. Bella lives outside:so she had six puppies of which one died. Every day I removed ticks. She would come to me and show me where they were. Sooty also sometimes plays with them. He is less scared now and a little less haunted. He is being fed by a German. An Italian restaurant owner looks after 5 dogs, one of which is a Podengo Canario.  The sweetest of her dogs has only three legs, because he was  tied by the rear leg, which got gangrene and had to be amputated.

    Boyar, a Poidengo Medio has been lucky. He rushed up to us every day and once brought a sea urchin from a beach three quarters of a mile/1,000 metres away, as a gift. He was found by a Spaniard and now lives with a Portuguese. He was just like Maria.  Verde, another male Podengo Medio so-called because he lives in a big greenhouse, was adopted by an Argentinian gardener.  

    We will try to rescue Goldie and are sending any dog lovers we can find to look out for her during the dry, cruel summer months.  For the tale of Vlekkie and Robbie, check on www.capeverdeinfo.org.uk/cape_Verde_pets.htm

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