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    Couple with Podengo in Portugal



    Is Teddy a Podengo?

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    Couple with Podengo in Portugal

    Post  Kosta on Fri Oct 24, 2014 3:19 am

    Hi there and hello from Portugal. I am Kosta and together with my wife Stefanie and our dog Teddy we live on a sailboat, currently in Southern Portugal.

    Earlier this year we adopted a dog from a local shelter. The guys from the shelter said it was a terrier mix of some sort. Later in spring we met several "older" people while driving around inland Portugal and they all said it was a Podengo, because they used them as well (years back) for herding their sheep or hunting. Teddy should be around one year old now.

    Teddy is white and has rather long hair with no undercoat and many many black spots on his skin. Training him is rather a challenge. He is a great guy, but has its own head if it comes to follow our commands. He is roaming around quite a bit in nature but is always coming back to check on us. If the two of us are apart he is trying to "herd" us together again. He is not into hunting really, rather than scanning (sniffing, looking, listening) his surroundings all the time. On the boat and in places we go often (beach for example) he is protecting us from others. He usually runs up to single men, barking at them and circling them... but never with an aggressive attitude. Other than that he is the loveliest companion you can think of. He is swimming lot, loves his boat and is very happy when we are all sitting at the table or in the cockpit.... times when he can relax.  

    Since everyone seems to tell us different stories about what breed or mix he would be, I am turning to you guys. What do you think... is Teddy a Podengo?

    All the best, Kosta.

    PS: I don't know how to upload images here. servimg.com doesn't recognize my password. Sooooo... here is a link.. hope you can see the pics? http: http://goo.gl/5mlzsy

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    Re: Couple with Podengo in Portugal

    Post  Admin on Sat Oct 25, 2014 7:01 am

    Nope not even close. Remember that the word Podengo is many times used as an indicator of hunting dog. Looks like a mix of several breeds and wouldn't even want to even make a guess. Thanks for contacting us.
    james ensor

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    Re: Couple with Podengo in Portugal

    Post  james ensor on Wed Jan 21, 2015 7:18 am

    We have a Podengo Medio who is often with us on a boat in Portugal.She does not look at all like Teddy.  Podengos are 100% hunting dogs and will always chase any small mammal that appears anywhere within their powerful sense of smell. Teddy is not typical of any of the main Portuguese breeds.

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    Re: Couple with Podengo in Portugal

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