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    Our shelter dog


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    Our shelter dog

    Post  lgatlin on Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:06 am

    We adopted Luna about 2 months ago as a "terrier mix".  Everywhere we take her, people ask what breed she is, and we always replied, she's a terrier mix, that's what they told us at the shelter.  The other day, we were at the dog park, and a woman says, "Oh, you have a podengo!"  I'd never heard of them, although when I got online to check them out, we were pretty shocked to see lots of dogs that look just like her!  Here's a picture of our little Luna, after she had a visit to the doggie spa and got a trim (she had longer, blonder ends to her coat before):

    So what do you think? We live in the Los Angeles area --
    james ensor
    james ensor

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    Probably a Podengo

    Post  james ensor on Fri Sep 26, 2014 7:40 am

    I would say that you have a Podengo Pequeno, which the Portuguese used and still use to clamber down rabbit holes to flush the occupants out so that the bigger Podengo Medios can chase them down.

    Podengo is best translated as hound and they are incredibly hunting oriented.

    Among the identifying features are pricked up ears, a curly tail usually held upwards, which has a white tip, white socks and sometimes a white waistcoat and a white line on the forehead.

    Your dog has most of these and if Luna reacts with little yelps to any small passing mammal such as a squirrel, fox or cat I believe you can class her as a Podengo. The breed in Portugal, at least, is pretty loose since dogs mated quite freely in the open.  Those puppies that were kept were the ones that were  good hunters rather than conforming to any breed standard.

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