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    Podengo language



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    Podengo language

    Post  mwg619 on Sat Jan 07, 2012 9:16 am

    We brought home our Podengo, Medio from the local animal shelter yesterday. Very Happy We hoped to pick a dog that will be "family" forever. She was a "surrendered" girl, along with her housemate who had been adopted earlier leaving her abandoned. Sad Our getting to know eachother has proven we made a great decision.
    I did google information on the bread to get a basic knowledge of her purpose, what she instincetively needs to do and have done. Taken her out for long trots,(idealy for her to poop and pee) which just didn't happen until this mornings puddle on the kitchen rug. Rolling Eyes I was just releived to see she functions because I noticed at the shelter she was not interested in the food or water and treats that passerby had given her. She posed sitting at the gate, not moving, except her eyes which were down cast. I could tell she was very depressed and understood the why of it too. (This is why we choose her).
    The reason for this intro is for my comfort, that you might catch a drift of my concern here and point me in the right direction or better yet share your knowledge with me.
    She is eating and drinking but not interested in snacking. SHe is highly interested in getting outside right away, even after we just get inside. She is after all a sight and sound dog. We want to provide her the best living enviornment we can manage, want to know she is happy here. Until we het better aquainted we will not be out anywhere without a lead. We bought a 40ft. tie out cable that we intend to trolly, but currently tied to a tree. (We live on an acre wooded lot that is not fenced and ver y close to neighbors property.
    I see more reason to keep her with us than house her with a more appropiate owner (who hunts). I want to take full advantage of her energy needs but need to be realistic. She is going to be inside a whole lot more than outside where she most wants to be. She also needs to fit our life style, which is more of home. She will be crated (46" PINK set up in the kitchen with comfort installed), and be left alone for 6 hours between the time my husband leaves for work (12pm) and I get home from work (6pm). Question


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    Re: Podengo language

    Post  dmcarty on Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:40 pm

    Great to hear about your addition - so as a hound what is important to know is OFF LEAD IS NEVER. Hounds in general if they see it or smell it they are gone. I have found Podengos to be pretty adaptable - crating is a good idea as it will give her time to think and process where she is and what is expected of her.

    The hunters in Portugal and US that don't live with the dogs in their home just don't know what they are missing.

    I would say a basic easy thing to do is a beginning obedience class - so that you both can learn how to interact. Her life has likely been all outside and mostly on her own - building trust is a good thing.

    Welcome to Podengo world.

    The clubs main website is at: www.podengo-mediogrande.com


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    Re: Podengo language

    Post  Brokenhalterfarm on Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:32 pm

    Welcome to a very entertaining journey!

    In my brief experience with the breed , most notably a female medio picked up in a similar situation as yours is that they need an adjustment period. It will take time for her to accept that her life has been completely uprooted and what she knew is no more.
    Shelters in general suck for dogs to have to deal with , now for a breed like the Podengo you can see where it could be even worse for them.

    It's been several months but my female is finally blossuming with us , now she is an abuse case where her mind was messed up pretty bad by her past so she had that working against her. But with time yours to will be a family member.
    Even with my females issues , I trust her with my family as much as dogs I've raised from pups and in her case specifically , she is the only dog her I would gurantee to protect us.

    Something that really helped my family bond to us was long UNSTRUCTURED walks , I have a 30ft leash and just let her use it all , I let her sniff and dig , only asking that she not jerk my arm around. We would come back when she was noticeably less energetic and I found that she had a greater desire to be near us after this.


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    Three weeks with us now.

    Post  mwg619 on Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:24 pm

    We have resorted to using her "given name", Bella and learned she is a 4 year old girl, not 2 as the shelter had mixed up the paper work on her and her housemate. Found out that her housemate was returned to the shelter because she wasn't a good match with their kids Shocked . I cancelled the consultation I scheduled with a trainer who uses a "remote collar" because Bella is a very very timid girl, frets easily when she just sees our neighbors outside and is very frightened, wanting to get away at any cost to her own safety. We watch out for these situations and comfort and talk to her "it's alright" when this occurs. To use a remote collar with this girl would be cruel, she is so timid! affraid For now we are doing the best we can to gain her confidence and show her where her place is in "the pack". She now has a 60ft runner cable in the yard and is more free to play. I look forward to a time she will come, sit, stay and down for us but see she needs to take it slow to not set her back into a panic. I am looking into Lure chasing in the spring or sooner which I believe will suit her just fine! We are going to ask our veternary doctor about recommendation for a trainer because she even told us that we need to gain her confidence first thing.
    I read on the web site about a "form" available to see about getting Bella registered, if she is indeed a full breed Podango, Medio but have not found the form yet. Thank you for your knowledge and understanding you share with folks like me who are new to this.
    Smile Oh by the way.... she has not yet barked, growled or snapped at us except in play, she opens and closes her mouth like she was playing with another dog, has been very gentle toward us.

    james ensor

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    Re: Podengo language

    Post  james ensor on Sun Apr 07, 2013 1:27 pm

    By now you must have resolved most of the problems with Bella. We have now rescued four Podengo Medios in the former Portuguese colony of the Cape Verde islands. The fifth we failed. She was the first to meet us, a female so timid that we had to place food on the ground and water in a bowl and then walk away before she would touch it. She was so scared that we gave her the name Scaredy Cat. She had never been in a home but had learned to mistrust humans, nevertheless. Sadly after we returned from our vacation trip, the local savages killed her with meat laced with strychnine.

    All of the other dogs that we rescued have survived. Most were intiially timid or even hostile to strangers but very loving and affectionate with us. All adapted well to living in a house and the females in particular love to recline on sofas. They have all learned to move to the door and make the right noises if they need a pee, so house training has not been necessary.

    We have found that it is safe to let them off the lead unless there are wild rabbits or other small prey around. They tend to turn back and look for their owner every few minutes. So a good trick is to hide when they go off for too long. They soon come bounding back - when you must give them a treat and warm approbation. A whistle can also be useful as they have excellent hearing. But they are dogs of an independent nature and will not always respond, although they always hear it. When Bella does respond you must give her a treat and say warm words.

    Dealing with neighbours or other people that they are scared of is best dealt by asking the person to hold food in his/her hand. Holding Bella tightly on a short lead permit her to approach the person and invite the person to lower the food in an open palm, or if they are scared to place it on the ground. Never have the person move towards Bella. Do this two or three times repeating the word friend and you will have no further problems.

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    Re: Podengo language

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