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    New Podengo....


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    New Podengo....

    Post  Brokenhalterfarm on Sat Sep 24, 2011 11:08 am

    Through this forum , a wirehaired female podengo was found a home. =)
    Addie formerly Amphissa was living in RI and noew resides with me in PA.
    So far no big plans have been made with her , right now its getting her over some of the quirks she has.
    She has some fear biteing with strangers , and is a bolter. Overall she's settled in quite well , no serious issues and she gets along excellently with my Pequeno male , in fact they get each other in ways that can't be understood by the other dogs!

    This is her in RI upon being taken out of the shelter she was found at,

    Car ride to PA , I left her halti/leash on since she's a confirmed bolter , better safe then sorry!

    Here she is just hanging out on one of the "dog boxes".

    and one of my Pequeno male not appreciating me,

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    Re: New Podengo....

    Post  alitloff on Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:18 am

    Thanks for posting that. I did contact the moderator of the group to take down the ad for her adoption, but I guess these things take time. Enjoy your new podengo!
    james ensor
    james ensor

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    Re: New Podengo....

    Post  james ensor on Fri Apr 12, 2013 5:02 pm

    Addie looks exactly like Maria a Podengo Medio who approached us the day after Christmas 2012. That is why we called her Maria. We have found that Podengo Medios recognise and like Podengo Pequenos. We first discovered that Brando who looks like a pocket Labrador but has all the spirit and verve of a Podengo Medio has Podengo genes at our vet in London. Normally very disdainful of any small dog, he showed a lot of interest and affection for an unknown small breed. The little dog was a Podengo Pequeno. So we made more enquiries and ended up on this forum.

    After a three month diet of Friskies, Maria is now running and jumping like a real huntress. She outpaces any other dog around. We are trying to decide whether she uses the double-suspension gallop of the English whippet but are not sure. Certainly her rear paws are placed on the ground in front of the front and she has an enormous stride with a prancing motion.

    If Addie was found in RI she probably belonged to Portuguese-Americans who mostly immigrated through New Bedford, Mass. Most of these were sailors from the Cape Verdes who like your president are of mixed European and African genes. If Addie`s forebears were brought to New England in this way Addie and Maria could be distant relatives.

    You can see Maria with Brando on www.capeverdeinfo.org.uk/cape_verde_dog_origin.htm

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    Re: New Podengo....

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