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    Thyroid testing in the MedioGrande Podengo


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    Thyroid testing in the MedioGrande Podengo

    Post  dmcarty on Fri Aug 26, 2011 4:57 am

    In the interest of any of you who have Podengo, we had some skin and itching issues with my daughters dog Chewbacca. It ws not itching all the time but rather seasonal but we could find nothing common that would account for it - (checked mange, fleas etc)
    He did have some food sensitivity to Soy, Corn (including corn
    syrup) and Wheat. However he had none of that in his food so we went to thyroid

    He has a low T4. VERY low t4. I sent the sample for a full panel to look at
    TgAA as well (autoimmunie thyroid) but that was fine. He has been on the meds
    for a week and itching has stopped - skin dark discoloration is fading, and he
    is getting more muscle mass.

    Obviously this will be something that others may wish to consider looking at.
    Low thyroid in many breeds has been the cause of seizures, small litters, skin
    issues, increase in weight, reproductive issues as well as temperament issues.

    Symptoms included itching (not continuous but when there was a spell it was
    huge) dull coat color, immature body muscle, darkened skin in particular on the
    inside of back legs.

    If anyone wishes to discuss this with me further happy to provide any additional

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